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DigiBiz brings to you useful links, videos and presentations which show how online related activities can assist your business practices and bring the community together.

In addition to significant funding provided to the two year DigiBiz project, the Department of Communications website continues to provide businesses, not-for-profit enterprises and community groups with free online resources aimed at helping them do business in an increasingly digital-based marketplace. 

Practical and free online tools developed by government, including DIY website, marketing, security and eCommerce resources can also be accessed via the government's digital business website.

DigiBiz resources

View our entire range of useful resources, or go straight to your chosen topic using the links below:

Advanced eCommerce

Recently, Chris Elliott conducted an online workshop using a meeting app called JoinMe.
This session covered all areas of a complex topic including online stores, payment gateways, SEO, social media and much more.

A comprehensive workbook was developed, which you can download for free. eCommerce Download

Advanced SEO

In June 2015, DigiBiz facilitator Chris Elliott conducted a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) session with Ballarat accountants, MTA Optima.
Over the two sessions Chris and the MTA Optima marketing team covered the basics of SEO before advancing to Mobile SEO in light of Google's recent 'Mobilegeddon' update.

To discover more about 'Mobilegeddon', head over to Chris Elliot's Digital Marketing Blog, where you can read a short case study about mobile SEO.

Intermediate eMarketing

DigiBiz, in collaboration with the City of Ballarat, is running eMarketing programs for artists in the Central Highlands region.  This is the second of the three training sessions, which was held in October, 2014. Chris Elliott demonstrated the use of social media advertising including Facebook Ads Manager and understanding the basics of Google Analytics. The final session will be a Masterclass scheduled for Novemeber 13, 2014.

Intermediate eMarketing workshop presentation from Chris Elliott

Creswick Tourism and Business presentation

The historic Victorian gold mining town of Creswick boasts a resident population of more than 3,000 people. Realising the need for digital technologies to bring in consumers, the Creswick Tourism and Business Association have asked Gerrie Carr-MacFie to be the guest speaker at their Annual General Meeting in October. Read Gerrie's presentation from the evening (PDF 274 KB).

Visual merchandising

To support small business day, the Hepburn Shire Council in collaboration with DigiBiz ran a network and seminar evening at the Daylesford Town Hall.  The night was a huge success, with over fifty small business owners and employees in attendance.  Facilitators Gerrie Carr-MacFie and Noelene Gration conducted training in eMarketing, social media and visual merchandising to provide small businesses with marketing tips to help sell their products and services.  Take a look at Gerrie's visual merchandising workbook (PDF 624 KB), which complements her presentation from the evening.

DIY website success

The DigiBiz team have developed an informative workbook for businesses and not-for-profit groups to assist with creating a new website, or improving an existing site. Gerrie Carr-MacFie and Chris Elliott have provided their tips for online success. This workbook complements the recent Meredith and Surrounds Online training, held in Golden Plains. Read through the DIY website success workbook (PDF 227 KB) to help build confidence in creating your very own website, or to significantly improve your business or group's existing site.

eMarketing Basics

DigiBiz, in collaboration with the City of Ballarat, is running eMarketing programs for artists in the Central Highlands region.  The first of the three training sessions was eMarketing Basics, held in September.  Chris Elliott explained the importance of implementing effective online marketing strategies to expand and strengthen existing client base, connect to new clients and market artwork.  If you were unable to attend the session, click through the presentation below.  This will bring you up to speed and enable you to attend the Intermediate eMarketing session in October, or the DigiBiz Masterclass in November.

eMarketing Basics | Digital Marketing principles, SEO, SEM, inbound and outbound marketing from Chris Elliott

Creswick Online

Chris Elliott and Gerrie Carr-MacFie are travelling to Creswick on a weekly basis throughout July to assist locals with their website and social media pages. Community groups or businesses that have existing web pages or those who are starting from scratch, can pop in and receive practical help.

Why not pop in and receive assistance with updating website content, uploading images and text, trouble-shooting, using website platforms, including WordPress and Weebly, and social media. 

Have a look at the Creswick Online workbook (PDF 291 KB) from week one (3 July).

Social Media Masterclass

On 26 June our social media mentoring graduates braved the cold and attended the Social Media Masterclass at Oscars Hotel.  The session was facilitated by  DigiBiz mentors Jordan McPhan and Chris Elliott.

Participants received updated information on the changes to Facebook business pages and competitions, an insight into the popular Instagram platform and Twitter advice. The facilitators provided information on social management tools and explained how to use analytics to get optimum results from your social media marketing. 

Check out some useful links and resources below:

And why not click through the presentation from the evening..

Social Media Masterclass June 2014 from Chris Elliott

Write to Win

Have you ever thought about improving your local sporting clubrooms or sourcing funds to complete your community project but you don't know where to start? Gerrie Carr-MacFie, an experienced grant writer has been travelling around the region teaching community group representatives about the basic principles of successful grant writing and how to identify government grant-funding channels using broadband technologies.

Read through Gerrie's Write to Win workbook (PDF 777 KB), and book in for a Write to Win training session or one-on-one mentoring with Gerrie today.

Freeware for community groups

Administration and reporting obligations for community groups can eat into scarce time and resources but efficiencies can be made using broadband technology!

Chris and Gerrie have been travelling between the City of Ballarat, Golden Plains, Hepburn and Pyrenees shires educating DigiBiz participants on cloud-based file sharing of agendas, minutes and accounts. Learn how to cut down on phone calls, emails and circulation of minutes/agendas by sharing access to your secure stored information.

Check out Gerrie’s workbook, focusing on Broadband enabled governance and administration (PDF 234 KB), or have a look at the Australian Government's information booklet Cloud Computing Myths (PDF 2.68 MB).  Chris has also put together an informative presentation on freeware- what it is, the benefits and the different products available.  Click through the presentation below.

Freeware for Community Groups - Meredith from Chris Elliott

Smartphones burning a hole in customers' pockets

A Current Affair

On 11 June 2014, A Current Affair aired a segment regarding a topic that affects most of the population- Reducing mobile data bills!  Check out the article, useful links and video below.

"Smartphones might make it easy and convenient to stay connected to friends, family and the rest of the world — but they've also made it easy to suck away your salary with data-limit bill shock".

"A Current Affair looks at the ways you can save your money and prevent your smartphone turning into a smart bomb before your next bill arrives".

Please find below articles from the consumer-advocacy group Choice on how best to avoid data-usage bill shock:


Stay Smart Online Week

2nd - 6th June 2014

Stay Smart Online Week, formerly National Cyber Security Awareness Week, aims to help Australians using the internet – whether at home, the workplace or school – understand the simple steps they can take to protect their personal and financial information online.

Check out the Government's top tips on the Stay Smart Online Awareness Week site.

Mentoring audits and tools

It is hard to find useful, self-help tools to assist businesses, organisations and boards.  Professional advice can be too costly.  To help ensure you, that your progression plans, responsibilities and those of the organisation are on track, DigiBiz have created the below suite of top tips, tools and audit checklists.

Secrets of successful committees

DigiBiz Program Manager Gerrie Carr-MacFie has been travelling throughout the Central Highlands region providing valuable information on how to run a successful committee. 

Tips, templates and best practice examples of good governance are shared with participants. Gerrie's practical tips will help you to:

  • identify success factors and barriers to good governance of your association
  • assess your personal performance as a committee member
  • determine strategic and operational improvements in undertaking governance responsibilities. 

Take a look at Gerrie's 'Secrets of successful committees' workbook (PDF 467 KB).

To Market To Market

Central Highlands market stallholders have been attending the 'To Market To Market' workshop ran by facilitators Gerrie Carr-MacFie, Chris Elliott and Jordan McPhan.  The workshop content includes improving market stalls through the use of online marketing and visual merchandising techniques.  Participants learn how to make their stalls presentation perfect to increase product sales.

The workshops are continuing throughout the life of the project.  Keep an eye on the 'Training activities' calendar to see when and where the next session is being held.

Check out Gerrie and Chris' Top Tips (PDF 167 KB) to successfully market your stall and enhance profits.

Have a look at the presentation from the workshop and gain an understanding before attending this popular learning event.

Bringing in the Bucks

DigiBiz Program Manager Gerrie Carr-MacFie has been travelling around the four shires, facilitating a fundraising workshop for community groups. The workshop outlines success factors and barriers to raising funds, including ideas for regular activities, booster events and capital campaigns. Gerrie also provides detailed information to participants about online grant-making, useful resources and raising funds through crowdfunding platforms. 

Why not try and bring in more money for your community group?! Check out the Bringing in the Bucks workbook (PDF 260 KB) for hints and tips, or look through Gerrie's presentation from the workshop below.

Executing Good Governance

The Global Financial Crisis, national corporate collapses, and the demise of significant not-for-profit organisations in our own Ballarat backyard, highlight an increasingly complex economic and regulatory environment.

Governance expert Mark Schultz from Governance Today held a Masterclass in Good Governance at the Ballarat Technology Park on 15 May 2014. Various board representatives from organisations throughout the Central Highlands attended the session.  Mark taught the audience good governance principles and discussed his own board experiences.

Take a look at Mark's Masterclass in Good Governance presentation below.

DigiBiz, together with Mark have also created some help sheets to assist and support your board with your responsibilities.

Create your very own WordPress website

Technology progresses at a rapid rate and it is hard to keep up.  You start to understand platforms and then they change or become redundant.  It is very easy to get left behind and sometimes it is just easier to seek professional support. 

The same goes for creating a website.  Choosing an IT business to set up your website is hard and can be extremely expensive.  I bet you think creating your own site is crazy?  Let us introduce you to WordPress.  WordPress is an extremely user friendly Content Management System that allows you to create free and open source websites and blogging sites. You can choose your very own themes and styles, and you can access plugins, such as adding Facebook and Twitter widgets or a shopping cart to your site. 

Chris Elliott has created a fantastic introductory presentation on WordPress for your reference.  If you are yet to receive DigiBiz mentoring, why not have a look at Chris' presentation, have a go at your own website, and then arrange for a mentoring session with Chris to seek free advice and enhance your site. 

Introduction to Social Media

Haven't been able to get to any of Chris Elliott's popular social media classes?  Or have you been to his workshops but want access to the exceptional reference material?  Look no further!

Take a look at the below presentation Chris created for an 'Introduction to Social Media' workshop held in Smythesdale recently.  The slides outline how social media works, the importance of social media in generating website traffic, how to optimise social media pages and ways to enhance images for your social media pages.

Online safety tips

Many of us have trouble creating secure passwords, and remembering our passwords when we need them. Our devices now remember our passwords for us, therefore we run into trouble when logging into our applications on an external desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

We have developed a guide (JPG 576 KB) to help you create smart, safe and easy to recall passwords.

Stay Smart Online alert services

The Australian Government is providing cyber security information for Australian internet users, outlining the simple steps they can take to protect their personal and financial information online.

Subscribe to the alert service and receive notifications about software updates, social media and/or cyber security issues. Click here to find out more and to sign up for Stay Smart Online alert services.

eCommerce and Sales Online

In April 2014, resident DigiBiz mentor Chris Elliott facilitated a workshop outlining the importance of having an online presence for your business.  Chris explained how leads are generated through social media channels and gave tips on how to improve Search Engine Optimisation for your website.

The buying and selling of products and services online is here to stay.  Don't get left behind!  Check out Chris' workshop presentation for eCommerce hints and tips.

Farming in the 21st Century

Pyrenees farmers attended the 'Farming in the 21st Century' workshop in February 2014.  The workshop was facilitated by technology guru Chris Elliott and covered the applications and technology used to manage farms more efficiently.  He also introduced farmers to the Twitter site 'AgChatOZ'. 

Guest speaker Frank Henry from Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) presented the 'DEPI Crop Disease' application and explained how they went about creating the app.  The app provides quick access to current disease resistance ratings and an extensive disease image library to assist farmers with these sometimes troubling times.

Take a look at a comprehensive list of farm management applications, prices and the compatibility of devices PDF 418 KB PDF logo.

Check out the presentation from the evening.

Central Highlands Virtual Choir

The Central Highlands Virtual Choir project was inspired by American Composer, Eric Whitacre’s virtual choir works. The project was developed as a way to showcase the participatory possibilities of the virtual world and the ArtsAtlas specifically as a creative space and not just a repository of information.

Dani Fry created a beautiful four part arrangement of Paul Kelly’s song ‘Meet Me In The Middle of the Air’ paying homage to the wonderful Eddie Perfect and Tripod version of the song.
Resources for learning the song were then created and made available online. Interested community members from Ballarat and surrounding shires were invited to learn, record and upload their part. Live workshops were also held for those that wanted to learn the song face-to-face. Recording equipment was made available for short term loan. Participants then uploaded their individual recordings form their home computers and these were then mixed together by an audio engineer creating a virtual choir recording. Aerial footage of the Central Highlands was then captured to create a visual track to sync with the audio.

Take a look at this brilliant display of collaboration through the use of online technologies.

Digital Citizens Guide

No matter who or where we are, when we are online, we are all digital citizens - part of one global community. What we do can have a big influence on everyone else. 

This video clip explores the three key principles of the Digital Citizens Guide: Engage positively; Know your online world; Choose consciously.

Planning apps for business

The use of tablet computers by Australian businesses is becoming more common. The latest statistics from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) suggest that around 29% of Australian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are using such devices, and this is likely to grow. This has prompted the team at to develop a series of apps to simplify the business planning process.

The MyBizPlan, MarketMyBiz, and MyBizShield apps were launched for iPad in September last year, and have been downloaded over 22,000 times. These free apps are now also available for Android tablet users. Read more about business planning apps now available for iPad and Android devices.

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