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Mentor profiles

Unfortunately we have no further funding to conduct mentoring sessions as our program has already met its mentoring targets, three weeks ahead of the 31 December 2014 project end date. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries or concerns.

Our Broadband Ready mentors

  • Chris Elliott (DigiBiz)
    Reviews and accelerates web presence- Chris sparks a creative thinking approach aimed at getting results for your business
  • Gerrie Carr-MacFie (DigiBiz)
    Grant-writing, business strategy and visual merchandising- Gerrie creates business success for DigiBiz clients
  • Dr. Paul Miller (Made in Australia)
    Expert mentor in business start-ups, marketing and business strategy- Assisting new businesses to overcome the challenges of start-up
  • Noelene Gration (Ascend Public Relations & Communications)
    Social media and communications workshop facilitator and mentor- Our resident social media guru
  • Jordan McPhan (JRM Social)
    Social media and online communications mentor- A wizz at eMarketing
  • Aldona Kmiec (Big Space)
    Photographer and artist- Online marketing expert for artists
  • Dorothy Krajewski (Dorothy K | Write Solutions)
    Wordsmith and web writer extraordinaire- Populating website content, social media, eNewsletters and Mailchimp
  • Roneta Hill (Enhanced Power Virtual Office Assistance)
    Microsoft Office applications, administration systems and efficiencies- Real life and simple information to get your office in order
  • Joe Henry (Joe Henry Online & Mobile)
    Everything computing from hardware, software, to applications and mobiles- Joe makes IT understandable and affordable
  • Tom Wood (Thomas R Wood & Associates)
    Our hardware, network infrastructure, operating systems and management software expert- Tom knows it all
  • Ian Smith (SWIFFT)
    Your guide to Online Citizen Science- Online knowledge sharing to enhance biodiversity and conserve threatened species
  • Neighbourhood Houses (Creswick, Haddon & Meredith)
    Using their community based learning resources, Kim at Creswick, Joan at Haddon and Pam at Meredith can arrange for individual mentoring across a range of topics, from uploading images, to MYOB and online book-keeping
    • Joan Coker (Haddon Community Learning Centre)
      Basic online computing skills, websites, social media and online communications- Joan is so helpful and easy to understand

Chris Elliott

With sound technical ability and high creativity Chris Elliott brings double value to DigiBiz activities. As an experienced web developer he can help implement, review or upgrade eCommerce, online business management, Customer Relationship (CRM) Management, content management, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and social media strategies. If the technical issues are sorted Chris can apply his creative talent to reviewing and accelerating your eMarketing capabilities. It doubles the value of his mentoring capabilities.

From reviewing and accelerating your web presence, through to planning an online campaign, let Chris spark a creative thinking approach aimed at getting results for your business.

“Finding a tailored solution for each DigiBiz client in a short timeframe stretches me in a creative and technical sense. The challenge is made more rewarding by the feedback from clients that have stretched themselves as well! It’s empowering.” Chris Elliott 2013

Gerrie Carr-MacFie

Gerrie Carr-MacFie is an experienced workshop facilitator with specialist skills in regional development and community engagement. She brings loads of grant-writing and project management experience to her DigiBiz clients. Her work has included constructing strategic planning documents, facilitating community project development and writing successful funding applications for small to large projects in regional and local areas across Queensland and Victoria. 

Throughout her career, Gerrie has demonstrated a strong connection to micro-business acceleration, economic development, and to community based learning. She has worked closely with award winning micro and small to medium enterprises, coaching and mentoring individuals and companies. Gerrie has been engaged to facilitate the Australian Government-funded Digital Enterprise project delivered through the Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation, Federation University Australia.

“Through DigiBiz mentoring and workshops, I help community groups, businesses and stall-holders develop a value proposition and tell their story. From visual merchandising to grant-writing, the key is to develop a brand and narrative that builds relationships and profitability.”  Gerrie Carr-MacFie 2014

Dr. Paul Miller
Made in Australia

Mentor Dr. Paul Miller brings loads of experience in assisting the start-up of small businesses to the DigiBiz program. His work over many years managing the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme across our region has given unique insight into the secrets of small business success. This practical insight is matched by a background in market research and data analysis honed when undertaking a PhD in the School of Business at Federation University Australia.

But don’t let the qualifications scare you. His mentor speciality is not academic! He relishes assisting new businesses overcome the challenges of start-up, including choosing technology and eCommerce options that fit the need, budget and capability of the business owner.

Paul has a grasp on what makes a good business tick. He has assisted and reviewed the business plans and marketing activities of countless small businesses in diverse industry sectors from trades, accommodation, hospitality, to retail and manufacturing. Paul can assist you develop and deliver on a business plan that sets the direction of your business, aligns your activities with your goals and leverages advantage from broadband technology.

“I help small businesses grow. It’s not about size -it’s about fit. The smallest business can adopt and adapt the processes of the largest corporation. I like to help owners work on the business not just in it.” Dr. Paul Miller 2013

Noelene Gration
Ascend Public Relations & Communications

Noelene Gration, is the principle of Ascend Public Relations and Communications. Ascend offices are located in Daylesford, with Noelene and Associates working across Melbourne, Western Melbourne, Central and Western Victoria.   Noelene has a deep connection to the Daylesford and Hepburn business community and brings two decades of experience in communications and public relations consultancy to the Central Highlands Digital Enterprise project. Her specialist area is Social Media.

Noelene has tailored Digital Enterprise workshops and presentations to meet the needs of businesses across various industry sectors, including adapting material to suit the unique needs of the not-for-profit sector.  Professional experience and strong interpersonal skills underpin Noelene’s work as a Broadband Ready Mentor.

“Combining the role of workshop presenter in Social Media with the work of a Broadband Ready Mentor, is truly rewarding. I assist participants gain an understanding of the various social media platforms, and then through the four hours of practical mentoring, I get to see the development of real skills. I enjoy being part of an empowering and dynamic process.” Noelene Gration 2012

Jordan McPhan
JRM Social

Digital Enterprise welcomes JRM Social as a provider of specialist mentoring services.

Principle Jordan McPhan comes with a swag of experience gained in brand management across various industry sectors- retail, commercial services and the wine industry.  Jordan’s knowledge base can assist mentees with anything from starting in social media, to development and implementation of social media strategy.  Her mission is to help businesses and community groups THRIVE in the digital space.

“I find Digital Enterprise mentoring a real buzz. Mentees come into the process at all levels of skill, but generally they have one thing in common. Each mentee has 101 questions, from how to upload images, to selecting digital channels and projecting the brand. I love helping them find the answers. Together we work on skills, risks, and developing the best approach for their business. I help them find their way.” Jordan McPhan 2012

Aldona Kmiec
Big Space

Mentor Aldona Kmiec brings high level creative talents and specialists skills in photography and communications to the DigiBiz program.  Practical insight into the arts sector as owner of Big Space is complemented by award winning photography and art skills, and competency in use of social media as a marketing tool.

Through Aldona, DigiBiz is pleased to offer new and emerging creative industry businesses a mentor that understands business start-up and broader commercial imperatives. She came to Ballarat from Poland via London. Financial and strategic skills have been tested in corporate and small business environments. Her career background includes a Diploma of Photography from the prestigious London Metropolitan University, corporate experience as a credit controller in international firms, and small business ownership as an award winning freelance photographer and artist. As a graduate of the Australian Government’s New Enterprise Incentive Scheme Aldona completed Certificate 1V in business start-up. All this contributes to high empathy with new businesses and with artists wishing to transition to commercially viable businesses.

If you want to improve your online marketing DigiBiz has you covered from uploading and manipulating still or video images, to publishing online and devising a visually rich marketing campaign. Aldona can provide one-on-one help to DigiBiz eligible participants. She has a solid grasp on the ‘business of art’, a suite of practical skills to help artists grow commercial acumen, and ability to improve any businesses online images. So if you need some mentoring in visual communications, uploading images, social media, or help in using Microsoft, Joomla or Wordpress platforms, book a session with Aldona.

“Marketing is not just about the words. Visual imagery is vital. I love to see my mentoring clients learn simple, effective and affordable tricks to enhance their online presence and market their products, art, or services through words and pictures.” Aldona Kmiec 2014

Dorothy Krajewski
Dorothy K | Write Solutions

DigiBiz Mentor Dorothy Krajewski has a degree in Chemical Engineering, but has always been a writer. Before launching her copywriting business, Dorothy K | Write Solutions, Dorothy had a successful career in the Victorian public service in Melbourne - as a project manager, policy adviser and corporate trainer.  This meant that she did a lot of writing, listening to people and helping them clarify their thoughts.  

The treechange to Ballarat, has seen blogging, writing and using social media for business become Dorothy’s passion.  Her writing has been featured in many online forums. She has also contributed to many business blogs as a ghost writer through Clever Streak - a content creation business. In March 2012, Dorothy told her story to the 300 attendees of the Digital Parents Conference in Melbourne.   

Dorothy’s expertise lies in blogging, both personal and for business, social media, creating newsletters, press releases, project briefs, ebooks, website content and tender documentation. She is competant in WordPress and MailChimp.

“DigiBiz gives me the opportunity to share my writing skills and empower businesses through strategic and clever use of social media and web content. Don’t under-estimate the power of words.” Dorothy Krajewski 2013

Roneta Hill
Enhanced Power Virtual Office Assistance

Are you getting the most from your Microsoft suite of programs? Are you using the full functions of your email system? Is your inbox clogged with unnecessary mail? Do you know how to create letterheads and email signatures……

Broadband Ready mentor Roneta Hill can help you with ‘all things office’. Since commencing her own business-Enhanced Power Virtual Office Assistance in 2012, Roneta has been kept busy setting up office systems and showing clients how to get more out of their programs.

Roneta understands that improving office efficiency requires the application of skills and knowledge as well as effort. With patience and expertise she can walk you through those little tricks that you know will make a difference.

From syncing your diary and uploading images to your website, to customising templates and creating PowerPoint presentations, Roneta can help you improve the digital footprint of your business and better promote your brand.

Roneta’s assistance offers you the opportunity to obtain more value from the increased speed and reliability that comes with next generation broadband. Her knowledge of the Microsoft suite of applications can provide practical assistance in getting your office systems and you, Broadband Ready.

“I really like seeing the lightbulb go on when I show clients how to navigate around programs.” Roneta Hill 2012  

Joe Henry
Joe Henry Online & Mobile

If your business or not-for-profit organisation needs information on hardware, software, mobile devices, programs or applications- you can get ‘Broadband Ready’ with Mentor Joe Henry.

Joe speaks plain language in explaining all things software and hardware related. Joe’s personal and professional background includes farming, project management in public sector and business IT environments, and teaching computer related subjects in the TAFE system.

Joe is excited about assisting businesses and individuals come to terms with broadband technology. His varied work as an independent IT consultant has seen him work across various industry sectors. Years of IT experience is combined with a proven capability in delivery of accredited training.  With patience, enthusiasm and expertise Joe has assisted the adoption of practical, simple, easy to use, innovative IT solutions within businesses. Joe has a reputation for focussing not on the latest technology but on affordable ‘fit-for-purpose’ strategies and systems.

“It is really satisfying to work one-on-one with clients to improve business outcomes. Technology may provide the platform but business efficiencies and improvements are driven by people. It’s about attitude and openness to change!” Joe Henry 2013

Tom Wood
Thomas R Wood & Associates

DigiBiz mentor Tom Wood has considerable experience in corporate and technology roles. He adopted technology early and continues to seek out and understand emerging trends and advances. 

Roles across various corporate environments mark him as a creative and innovative solutions architect with considerable expertise in software design and customisation. In terms of DigiBiz, Tom is an ‘all-rounder’. He is experienced in looking at the selection and deployment of computer hardware, networking infrastructure, operating systems, and operational management software.  He understands investment levels and seeks solutions that provide practical ‘fit’.

Tom mentors across a full spectrum of businesses- from micro unsophisticated users of IT, to larger clients with more complex system needs. He loves the challenge of finding meaningful solutions for all manner of clients.

Tom has a passion to make technology understandable and highly usable.  Most of all he has a passion to see your enterprise and our region succeed online.

Clarity is the key when I am dealing with DigiBiz clients. Often I am the catalyst for systems improvement. The solution is within plain view and the barriers fall away when you start to talk it through. I love to see businesses take charge of their technology rather than be beholden to it.” Tom Wood 2013

Ian Smith
SWIFFT Network (State Wide Integrated Flora and Fauna Team)

Ian Smith is an expert in online Citizen Science. If you, like Ian, are concerned about threatened species and biodiversity conservation, he can introduce you to the State Wide Integrated Flora and Fauna Team (SWIFFT) interactive web site. You can use SWIFFT to share information online and raise awareness on threatened species. Ian will help you make a difference!

Ian has been a key advocate of environmental sustainability for over 37 years working with the Ministry for Conservation Victoria and Victorian National Parks Service. Ian’s work involved region wide planning of marine and freshwater ecosystems, forest biodiversity and landscape planning of biodiversity.

Ian finished his duties with the Department of Sustainability and Environment in 2012. For the past 8 years Ian has been involved with the development of SWIFFT. He can proudly say that he has contributed to the appreciation of flora and fauna and enhanced environmental sustainability in south-west Victoria by influencing other land and water managers to incorporate habitat protection as part of their agenda. He hopes to take this work to a wider audience through his involvement with SWIFFT.

Ian recognises the importance of knowledge sharing and the valuable role that people in our community can make towards enhancing biodiversity and conserving threatened species.

 “SWIFFT is an important concept because it provides a forum to share information online and raise awareness about our threatened species. Species which many people are not aware of let alone spare a thought for their existence. These species depend on us for their survival!” Ian Smith 2013

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